Saturday, June 10, 2017

Nikitenko Back In Victory Lane With Dacotah Win

Greg Nikitenko photo courtesy of Western North Dakota Sprints

Greg Cybulski, MANDAN, ND (June 10, 2017) Estevan, Saskatchewan's Kyle Fedyk got a little reminder of 2016 at Dacotah Speedway on Friday night as he ended up chasing down a victorious Greg Niktenko at the end of a race.

After dogging the 91K of Fedyk for the first 18 laps of the 25 lap feature, Nikitenko of Minot, North Dakota passed Kyle and used lapped traffic to his advantage to edge out a win over his tenacious competitor.

18 Sprint Cars were on hand, with teams from Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Saskatchewan, and North Dakota.

Western North Dakota Sprints
Dacotah Speedway, Mandan, ND
Friday, June 9, 2017

1. 10TT Tyson Turnbull
2. 6N Greg Nikitenko
3. 9A Clint Anderson
4. 77M Nate Maxwell
5. 55 Sam Miller
6. 20 Kevin Lawson
7. 14 Ben Holmberg
8. 9 Jeffrey Stein
9. 21 Ryder Olson

1. 91K Kyle Fedyk
2. 91M Jackson Moffett
3. 10 Anthony Farnsworth
4. 20L Dusty Lawson
5. 17M Todd Mickelson
6. 14N HJ Norman
7. 90 Randy Blotsky
8. 7 Mike Sires
9. 35 Brenden Wilde

1. 6N Greg Nikitenko
2. 91K Kyle Fedyk
3. 91M Jackson Moffett
4. 9A Clint Anderson
5. 10 Anthony Farnsworth
6. 10TT Tyson Turnbull
7. 55 Sam Miller
8. 14N HG Norman
9. 35 Brenden Wilde
10. 14 Ben Holmberg
11. 17M Todd Mickelson
12. 77M Nate Maxwell
13. 20 Kevin Lawson
14. 7 Mike Sires
15. 90 Randy Blotsky
16. 9 Jeffrey Stein
17. 20L Dusty Lawson
18. 21 Ryder Olson

Next scheduled racing action for the Western North Dakota Sprints is Saturday, July 29 at Dacotah Speedway, Mandan, ND as part of the Governor's Cup weekend.

Western North Dakota Sprints travel to race tracks in Eastern Saskatchewan and Western North Dakota including Estevan Motor Speedway, Nodak Speedway, Dacotah Speedway and Williston Basin Speedway. Be sure to follow the Western North Dakota Sprints on Facebook.